Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lines Will Intersect Soon

Yesterday, I was with Will in the attic of the bakery, and while he was setting up his bed there for the night, I wandered on the roof and suddenly noticed a presence near the crisped body of Charles Norton. I squinted above the edge of the roof and deadened a cry : it was one of those cuckoo twins!

I called Will and we climbed down to go see him. He had put a blue ball on the head of the body, and one of their devices next to it. We tried to make him talk and here's what we got :

You: hey!

You: what are you doing with the body?

You: what's this blue ball?

dumnonniwill Clip: cuckoo, are you okay......

dumnonniwill Clip: what are you doing cuckoo

Zachariah Effingham: I.Am.

Zachariah Effingham: Retrieving.

You: you know the body.. er.. I mean..

You: you knew Charles Norton?

Zachariah Effingham: No.

You: what are you retrieving?

dumnonniwill Clip: data again?

Zachariah Effingham: You would.Not.Understand.

You: gah..

You: we're not that thick!

dumnonniwill Clip: understand what?

dumnonniwill Clip: cuckoo what is comeing soon, you said something was comeing soon

You: he did?

dumnonniwill Clip: yes

Zachariah Effingham: Lines will.Intersect.Soon.

You: lines...?

You: are you with Moriarty?

dumnonniwill Clip: do you know mortality?

You: he means Moriarty hehe

Zachariah Effingham: Lines.Of time and space.

You: hmm..

Zachariah Effingham: We.Are not.

dumnonniwill Clip: yes, i have a little speach impediment

You: you are against Moriarty?

Zachariah Effingham: He.interfered.

dumnonniwill Clip: mortaiarty

You: Moriarty interfered?

You: so you don't like him heh?

Zachariah Effingham: He.Interfered.

You: but will you help us to defeat him?

Zachariah Effingham: Like.Notlike.Irrelevent.

dumnonniwill Clip: where are you from

You: gah, what he means..

Zachariah Effingham: I cannot.Say.

dumnonniwill Clip: you apered after the worm hole thing last year did you not?

You: oh yes, the gate

dumnonniwill Clip: did you come throught the gate?

Zachariah Effingham: We were.Drawn through.

dumnonniwill Clip: ahhh

Zachariah Effingham: The.Aberration.

You: HA!

dumnonniwill Clip: and these lines, are they the gate?

You: that's what the Professor Nishi thought

dumnonniwill Clip: are the lines through time and space a worm hole?

You: he's not answering..

You: I bet that means yes

Zachariah Effingham: What you.Call a worm.Hole.Not the.Same.

You: oh

You: but something's coming soon, but not a gate?

dumnonniwill Clip: so the gate is close to re-opening?/

dumnonniwill Clip: soon

Zachariah Effingham: Lines.Will intersect.We must.Be present.

You: hmmm

You: when?

Zachariah Effingham: You will.Know.When.Moriarty acts.

dumnonniwill Clip: so the gate is going to open and you need to be there?

dumnonniwill Clip: what is moriarty going to do?

dumnonniwill Clip: or don't you know?

Zachariah Effingham: We know.What he.Has.To do.

You: but you won't tell us?

You: gah

dumnonniwill Clip: gahh

dumnonniwill Clip: he ran away

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