Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grand Opening of Cooger and Dark's The Chamber of Horrors

And to continue with the announcement of events to come, you should not miss the Grand Opening of Cooger and Dark's The Chamber of Horrors , located in the Wax Museum in Babbage Square, right across the City Hall and not far from the train station.
This will take place on Friday, September 20th and the awesome Sinji Itokawa will be DJing for the occasion, from 2pm to 4pm SLT.

(Jimmy Branagh is the artist behind all the wax figures/mesh displays, OOCly, and you absolutely need to come and check by yourself how talented he is.)

(Poster by Jimmy Branagh)

Even if you can't make the Grand Opening, you should still come and visit anytime !

You can reach the Chamber of Horrors by walking all the way through the Wax Museum and turn left at the bar, to enter the cobwebs-laced tunnel that will lead you to the Chamber. At the opposite corner of the Chamber, you can find the store and get your own mesh statuette (there are also freebies for people in the Steampunks of New Babbage group!).

Escapades Third Anniversary

This week-end, starting on Friday 12pm SLT with the traditional Goony Adventure, will be the Third Anniversary of Escapades island, which used to be Goony Island.

Find below the list of events scheduled for the occasion :

Friday 6th September
• 12pm SLT - Goonies Adventure - The Search for Tepic
• 2pm SLT - Founders Tea party - Special invite only

Saturday 7th September
• 11 am SLT - Airship Brawl Trophy Competition - Teams of two battle it out to be the last ones flying.
• 1pm SLT - Pirate Party - Hosted by Gemini Enfield - Possible tavern Brawls.
• 3pm SLT - Special RP Event - Rise of the Cubes.

Sunday 8th September
• 12pm SLT - The Extreme Whale Trophy Race - A race around the island.
• 1pm SLT - Goonies Beach Party
• 3pm SLT - The Final Mega Brawl - Loki throws everything he's got in his inventory at the goonies testing their resolve and the SL Platforms stability.

Do come and join us to celebrate, it's lots of fun!!!