Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SL6B is open!

Yep, the SL6B sims just opened and it's actually still a bit difficult to get in there with all the lag and full sims and overall SL problems :op but it's open!

You can go visit the "1000 kids faces floor" (ok there aren't 1000 pics but close!) and find your pic or your friend's and especially don't forget to look for the pic of M Linden. If you find him and click him you can get a prize!

If you aren't a kid yet, you can go through the transmogrifier and become one, and then take a look at Loki and Zak's fabulous Second Childhood network to find out which are the most popular kids places to visit.

And last but not least, go up to the "Nostradamus", Loki Eliot's amazing space ship, and ask Tobi about the prophecies...


Enjoy your visit!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

SL6B - Kids pics wanted !

The Second Life Children (SLC) will be represented once more in this year's SL birthday (SL6B) and Loki is planning an amazing futuristic build.

Under the build will be the part where people can read about the SLC and what it is about to be a kid in SL. And all this part will be above a giant floor made of a patchwork of (hopefully) hundreds of SL kids pics, the "1000 kids faces floor".

So! If you are a SL kid and you want to be on the floor, please send me your photo !!! It should be full perms, better if it's 1024 or 512, but if you don't have that, send me what you have. It's better if it is centered on your face, or face and shoulders and top of torso, but I can recut, so send me what you have!
If you don't have a pic of yourself and you can't upload one, IM me and I'll come take it for you.

Tell all your friends! Send me your pics! Thank you!!!

And don't forget to come visit the floor at the SL6B (June 23 - June 29) :)