Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Last week, Miss Mara Razor was kidnapped by a so-called Viking, who wanted a ransom in exchange before the end of the week, specifying his King would marry her otherwise. We couldn't come up with the ransom, but we found out that there were some muddy tracks at Miss Mara's treehouse, and coming from the open well in the basement of the Ruby's too. That plus some weird people looking like miners but short and round like a barrel were running around all week long, looking for a present for the wedding of their King and calling us "surface dwellers".

Mr Greg Merryman, while testing a new driller he had an order for, stumbled upon an underground network of ancient and recent galleries and tunnels. He also found a bow and arrow of celtic and feminin design, which were certainly belonging to Miss Mara, laying on the ground of one of those tunnels. No more doubt was allowed, she had been kidnapped, not by the Vikings, but by the MolePeople! Moreover, one of the Molemen seemed interested by Mr Merryman's driller, and when questionned about it, he declared it was looking good and pointed in the right direction. He added the surface was too bright, with all that snow reflecting light and all.

A crowd of citizen of New Babbage were on the docks last night, and Mr Merryman decided to lead our angry mob into the depths of the Earth with his driller, to explore the galleries and try to rescue Miss Mara...

We all hopped into the driller and Mr Merryman led us underground...

We all sat on the benches inside the driller, feeling the atmosphere around us becoming more and more warm while we were digging deeper into the Earth.

Suddenly, Mr Merryman told us we had reached an open space inside the earth, and he stopped the driller. We stood up, and climbed down the driller, cautiously, wondering what we would find outside.

We had arrived into a vast rocky cavern, and we could see some vague red lights deep at the end of the space.

The grown-ups approached, but Jimmy and I stayed hidden behind the peaky rocks, because Mr Merryman had told us we shouldn't approach the Molemen or fight. The red lights seen from closer appeared to be the eyes of evil rock creatures and down the alley was a throne next to a big cage, and silhouettes dancing around.

Running from peaky rock to peaky rock, Jimmy and I approached closer and closer, trying to hear and see what was happening. We discovered that we had landed inside the MoleKing den and they were holding Miss Mara prisoner in the big iron cage! Lots of Molepeople were around, asking about that intrusion in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

Miss Breezy started shooting snowballs at the MolePeople, who seemed not to appreciate that at all, feeling it was cold, and a "torture", but then the MoleKing ordered to his rock creatures to circle around the grown ups and they were trapped!

Mr Merryman and the others tried to negotiate to get Miss Mara back, but the MoleKing didn't want to release her, since she had to become his fourth wife or something like that and he said it was a political union, cause he wanted the powers of the Fae King, but I didn't understand all.

The MolePeople were running around, keeping an eye on all the grown-ups, but they thought Jimmy and I were surface molepeople because we were short like them.

Photo credit : Breezy Carver

The Molegirls were dancing around the cage and kept insulting Miss Mara, saying she was too tall and was ugly because she didn't have a big butt like them, but that she had to marry their King anyway. Poor Miss Mara couldn't use her elf special strenghts because the cage they had closed her in was all iron made, known to weaken elven abilities.

Photo credit : Breezy Carver

Jimmy and I managed to get very close to the cage where Miss Mara was, and we whispered to her that we would rescue her and she smiled when she saw us.
The MoleKing was starting the wedding ceremony and as the MolePeople weren't noticing us, I told Jimmy we could try to open Miss Mara's cage, so we snuck silently towards the cage while the MoleKing was still doing his ceremony, and we picked on the lock.

But the MoleKing was about to pronounce the wedding vows, so Jimmy remembered the MolePeople didn't like the light of the surface and we used the big flashlights we had found on the docks and lightened them up in the faces of the MoleKing and the MolePeople around.

Photo credit : Breezy Carver

They started to scream in pain and all the grown-ups lightened their flashlights up too and we managed to open Miss Mara's cage in the meantime.

Photo credit : Breezy Carver

Miss Mara rushed on the MoleKing and... removed his spine... He was bleeding on the ground, most certainly dead, and all his people screaming around, blinded and tortured by the light.

Photo credit : Breezy Carver

Miss Mara offered the spine to Jimmy and hugged us. We all climbed up into the driller and Mr Merryman led us back to the surface, where we went to the Ruby's and got rather drunk :op

See also Jimmy's pics here ! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmybranagh/sets/72157610952886296/

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