Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yesterday night, after the most informative New Babbage meeting (during which we spotted sight of the Cuckoos' robot, certainly spying!!!), we ran towards the Port to witness the arrival of the Captain Zessinthal's Zenzephlin airship.

Photos Credit : Breezy Carver

It was a HUGE zeppelin all red and gold, very impressive. We were all admiring it, looking up to the sky while it was hovering above the very end of the dock, when suddenly.. BOOM! It exploded and scattered in myriads of pieces on the dock and in the sea around.
We couldn't believe what we had seen and it took a few seconds, maybe even minutes before we decided to rush towards the dock to examine the rests of the airship... There was nothing much left, really.

Photos Credit : Breezy Carver

The Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and the Doctor Watson fell in the water, and Mr Holmes dived to rescue Mr Watson and that's when I spotted a dark silhouette in the very corner of the basin, on the bottom of the sea. Mr Wirefly dived to go have a look and said it was the Captain Zessinthal, that he was dead and all burnt, not a vision we'd like to see...
Then others dived too and Miss BlackOpal found the blackbox of the airship, with the recording of the trip the Zenzephlin made above New Babbage, until its explosion.

I added the recording with pics of New Babbage, so you can listen to it and please tell me if you understand anything interesting!!
(I didn't make this recording, just used it as the sound file of the video below showing pics of New Babbage. This audio file is the property of his author).

A few minutes after the explosion, a man I had already seen some time before, with the Van Creed society symbol pinned on his vest, appeared and asked where the airship was, and what had happened. He was shocked to learn about the explosion and the death of the Captain Zessinthal and said he had to report it quickly to his superiors.

Photos Credit : Breezy Carver

But he accepted to follow Mr Wirefly to have a talk with Miss McMillan and him, because they are kinda the responsibles of the Iron Essence since Sanus Kanarik has lost his memory. I dunno what they talked about...

Later in the evening, I went wandering around the Steampunk Hotel, where the Captain Zessinthal was renting a room...


Wilde Tomcat said...

And? Did you find anything at that Steampunk Hotel?
It's so mysterious...

Myrtil Igaly said...

Yes I did!! Will post that soon :)