Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deadly Enlightenment (or the story of the crispy body)

Yesterday in the evening, I was mostly minding my own business, walking on the roofways while pondering about all we had learnt from the documents found in the Captain Zessinthal's room and the "Secret History of New Babbage" book, found laying on the ground between two bookcases in the library. At a moment, something disturbed me from my thoughts, a kind of feeling, as if there was a presence, someone walking in the streets beneath the planks I was standing on... But I saw nobody.

I reached the roof of Loki's Absinthe cafe and met Will and Marcuz there. Marcuz didn't know yet the city and I thought I should bring him to the bakery to offer him a pie and some tea before going off for a tour of New Babbage. So we walked on the planks above Jefferson way to join the roof of the Imperial and from there, we jumped on the roof of the Opium den, but we stopped before reaching the planks leading to my bakery and held our breath, standing still on the edge of the roof, as we saw, down in the dead end of Perdido street, laying on the dirty snow, the body of a man. And above that man was standing Jason Moriarty...

He was gesturing with his hands above the dark body of the man, and a huge amount of lightnings were surrounded him while a crispy smell was rising to us. Moriarty shouted : "YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE RESISTED CHARLES", and Will whimpered quietly, but Moriarty must have heard him, with his new weird abilities and in only one jump he was up on the roof, launching lightning attacks at us as we were running away, jumping on the roof of the Imperial.

Jason was after us, shouting "SUFFER THE URCHINS OF NEW BABBAGE HAHAHAHA!" and sending more and more lightnings attacks.

Luckily, none of the attacks reached us, and Moriarty seemed to have better things to do and went back to the body he was busy with.

Will was scared and wanted to go back home, but Moriarty was still there and suddenly we heard him laughing madly and shouting "NOW ONE CAN STOP WHAT IS TO HAPPEN NOW!".
I told Will to go hide in the hideout in the attic of the Imperial, and Marcuz stayed on the roof, while I was going back on the roof of the Opium den. I wanted to see what he was doing, and also decided to shoot snowballs at him, maybe to rescue the man he was killing... if there was the slightest chance he was still alive at the time...

I ran on the roof and wanted to stop on the edge to shoot my snowballs but I slipped on the snow and fell off the roof into the street right in front of Moriarty...

He turned towards me and sent me another of his lightnings attacks, but this one reached its aim and I felt an awful tickling running under my skin in my whole body, shooting shockwaves in my head and my heart. I moved back in the alley, stumbling on the cobblestones, vaguely recognizing the silhouette of Mr Wirefly arriving at the corner of the street and hearing him shouting my name. I fell down on the icy ground in front of my bakery, hardly aware of what was happening around me...

The blue lightnings were still around me, the itchy feeling crawling under my skin, I saw Moriarty dashing away and people running to me and to the body in Perdido street. Will approached me, worried and started to cry, Mr Rip arrived too and then Ally Wunder, asking what was happening, and then a lots more, alerted by the shoutings, Miss Pinkfeather Heron, Miss Orchid McMillan, Mr Asrei Foden, Mr Holmes, the Dr Watson, and then Loki, and Mr TriloByte Zanzibar, and Jimmy, and lots of others arrived later too.

I could stand up and found out I wasn't feeling as bad as earlier. I remembered that Moriarty had already shot that kind of attack at us this other time in the Port, and that Mr Sopwith had described that same phenomenon following him after he had left the Tesla Machine where he had shadowed Moriarty to. Ally asked if I was going to die, but remembering that Mr Sopwith was still alive, I decided that I would be fine. And indeed, after a little time, the lightnings faded out, leaving me safe, except from my hair hovering around my face and an unpleasant crispy smell...

We gathered around the body of the man in Perdido street and found out the smell was coming from him. Mr Holmes kneeled upon him and discovered a letter in his jacket, tainted with blood and torn in a corner. He read it, looked mysterious and muttered, then he left quickly.

We took a glance at the letter too, and here's what it reads :

"Mr Holmes
Along with this letter, I leave you a device that can locate a power much sought after in New Babbage.
Captain Zessinthal was murdered for this great power, and now it has been released into the sky.
Only this device can find it again, but my days are numbered as I am hunted by those that crave the power of the Cloud Angel.
I have heard great things of you and Dr Watson and trust that you will know the best (blood and torn letter prevent from reading that word) of action to take."

The signature is also missing due to the letter being torn in the bottom right corner.

From this letter, it appeared that the man could have been Mr Charles Norton, the author of the letter found in the Captain Zessinthal's room and also of the book found in the library and talking about a new kind of power named "Cloud Angel".

After that, Loki asked if we were sure the man was dead and Jimmy tapped him in the head with his foot to check. At this moment, a new silhouette appeared at the end of the street and we saw the Cuckoos mechanical walking towards us... Or more, towards the body of Charles Norton.
We stepped back quickly, but someone joked that we could send him a snowball, and Will instinctively did so. Gawd he shouldn't have. The robot turned towards us and big rays of light coming from his eyes shooted an explosion on the cobblestones right in front of us.

The robot then disappeared but we turned away to see another silhouette at the top of the stairs down Perdido street, and recognized one of the Cuckoo children, observing us from far away.

Miss Pinkfeather also said she had found one of their devices right in front of the Steampunk Hotel, where the Captain Zessinthal had his room, and Mr Holmes and the Dr Watson reported sight of a device on a dock in the Port too...

So.. Why would the Cuckoos be interested in that murder? And did Mr Holmes get that device Charles Norton talks about in his letter? Or did Moriarty get it first....?

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