Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where is Mr Jack?

One or two days ago, Miss Chernov brought to our attention the fact that the Kahruvel Steamworks had been partly demolished. And then Mr Rip added that a cannonball had been found there, and that Mr Salazar Jack, the owner of the Kahruvel had disappeared... Kidnapped?

The Kahruvel Steamworks are just down the street from my bakery! Mr Jack is a neighbour! And I didn't see nothing... :(

So I decided to go see by myself.

The Main entrance of the Kahruvel was just as usual, but after walking on the right side of the building, I saw a huge piece of wall totally torn apart and a big hole in the whole quarter of the Steamworks.

Carefully stepping inside from the main entrance, I found another hole in the floor with a big crater on the ground under the floor and in the center of the crater, still smoking, the big cannonball Mr Rip was talking of. Apparently, someone shot it at the Kahruvel Steamworks, intentionally or by accident... Who knows? And it forced its way down by destroying the whole quarter of the buildings, from the roof to the ground.

On the top floor, Mr Jack's belongings were all spread everywhere and broken, witnessing the violence of the shock.

The big questions are now : Who did that? Why? Where is Mr Salazar Jack?

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