Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Christmas Carol

I finally finished to edit the play adapted from the novel "A Christmas Carol" written by Charles Dickens and played in the Second Life™ Steampunk/Victorian sim Rivet Town on Saturday 20th December 2008.

The play was adapted by Nepenthe Sieyes (I think. Feel free to correct me if that's wrong). And several people roleplaying in Rivet Town were part of it as actors, including Jimmy (as Tiny Tim, the urchin and a school buddy of young Scrooge).

Sadly my filming is not very good as I was lagging badly and I didn't remove the name tags, chat lines and the SL™ viewer interface (I couldn't have read the "actors" lines otherwise :/ ). So, apologies here.

I edited the play a lot. The original piece lasted something like 30 minutes. And I added music, mostly from the 1951 "Scrooge" movie.

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