Sunday, January 25, 2009

What will the next target be?

A few days after the Kahruvel Steamworks had been found partly destroyed by a huge cannonball, their owner, Mr Salazar Jack reappeared and reassured us that he was well and safe. He was on travels when the disaster happened and was shocked to find his Steamworks in that state. Luckily, the machines themselves weren't touched and the Steamworks can continue to function.

That is sadly not the case of the Municipal Water Tower, which was found this time totally destroyed.

While exploring the rests of the building, Mr Brandenburg, Miss Softpaw and I found another cannonball the size of the one that got rid of a quarter of the Kahruvel Steamworks.

Getting worried as to who would want to bomb New Babbage's most useful buildings, we hurried to the Gas Station, to check if it was still there.

Luckily, the Gas Station was intact, but.. for how long?

Miss Softpaw and Mr Brandenburg suggested some guarding of the Gas Station to avoid another disaster, this one being quite more worrying as the gas could provoke a huge explosion damaging a big part of the city...

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