Saturday, October 11, 2008

The return of the Wolf

For those of you who weren't in Babbage last year, that name might not evoke anything.

But for the other citizens, those who lived the events, those who saw those tentacled horrors crawling into the sky of their city, those who witnessed the murders of several men and those who could take a look on the walls of this sick hidden chamber in the Mayifu Arcade... For those, the name of Jason Moriarty is synonym of cold shivers, plain fear, total terror.

A reminder of the events that happened last year can be found by reading the journal of the Professor Nishi, here :

And the journal of the photographer Natacha Chernov, here :

Those two journals can be completed with some pics taken during the day when the gate was opened by Moriarty, and you can have a glimpse of the "Old Ones", who darkened the sky of New Babbage just above the Old Imperial Theatre, here :

We thought that all was finished when the Professor Nishi managed to fight the Old Ones back into their world and that some electrical shortage destroyed the Professor Eliot's Porta terrarum device, closing the gate in the same time.

Some thought that Jason Moriarty died in the process, but the Bow street Police never found his body.

I personally thought that he was somehow sucked up into the Old Ones' world when the gate was closed.

The point is that now, he is back...

A few months ago, a rose was left in front of the Professor Nishi's museum, addressed to her and signed "Jason Moriarty". Nothing else happened since then... until a few days earlier.

I was in my bakery (I'll talk about that in another post) and suddenly I saw Him, walking in the street just in front of the door. I froze. He turned into Perdido street, at the corner of Mr Holmes and Dr Watson's office building. It took me a few minutes to recover before walking out to follow him. I arrived into Perdido street, but he had already turned left at the next corner, and again left at the third and fourth corners... And suddenly he was behind me.

"YOU!!!!!" he yelled as he recognized me.

I couldn't answer anything else than "uho", but I was already stepping back as fast as my shaky legs could allow.

"If I get my hands on you!!!!!" he added, still shouting.

At that, I didn't wait to ask him what he would do. I just turned and ran away, ran as far as I could, faster than ever. I just heard him shouting again, far away :

"That's it, run, little girl, run!!!"

I waited all day long before going back to my bakery and running to Mr Holmes' office, to tell the Dr Watson and him the whole story.

After that day, two other urchins reported views of Moriarty. Another little girl, named Addie, said she saw him on the docks and then by the gate leading to the circus. She said she saw him jumping unnaturally high, and that he was wearing a top hat and tails, like a proper gentleman.

Then Ravan, the little vampire, said he saw him next to the urchin hideout, in the Old Imperial Theatre. He said he heard him talking about a "Master", and about a mission he had to do in the city. Ravan also said that he met two vampires who associated with Moriarty. But on that I'm sceptical...

The Professor Nishi has left New Babbage about a month ago and neither Miss Paine nor the Professor's daughter, Elenore, have been seen recently. The Professor's museum is now taken care of by Miss Bergamasco. And she reported that a donation has been made recently by a certain Jason Moriarty...

Maybe the roofs are the safest way for now. Even if I know nothing is really safe in the city now that HE is back...

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