Monday, October 13, 2008

Family and Bakery

I'm no longer alone.

Not really that I was, since the street urchins of Babbage are a real family for me, but now I can even help them more.

My family tree isn't that complicated, but some of its branches have stayed in the shadow until recently. My father's last name is Igaly. He was French, and he married an English lady (my mother). They had together two children : my big brother, and I.

My father had a sister, who married an Irish man, whose last name is Keenan. Together, they had a son, named Arthur, who is about 5 years older than me.
I was only 5 when my parents and brother died in that airship accident, and I wouldn't remember of any other family, but even the neighbours didn't know of any family I could have other than my parents. My mother had no brother or sister, and her parents were both dead. My father never talked about his parents, as if they were dead too.

I later learnt that my father had a big fight with his father, and that he ran away from his home. He flew to New Babbage, where he met my mother and never ever talked about his parents.
Recently, my grand-father Igaly, who was a french baker, stumbled across a newspaper article relating the airship accident my parents had 8 years ago, and he learnt about my existence. He sent my cousin Arthur to New Babbage to find me.
After a few weeks patiently going to every orphanage, asking old neighbours and finally street urchins, Arthur found me.

Sadly, just a few days after he found me, he received a letter announcing the death of my grand-father...

In the letter was also a note concerning his last wills. My grand-father was giving Arthur and I half his money, and he wanted us to open a bakery together in New Babbage, as a souvenir of his youth.

We spent the last weeks building and furnishing the new bakery, with Arthur, and it finally could open. We called it "La Noisette", which is a french name meaning "The Hazelnut".

It is located right in front of Mr Holmes and the Doctor Watson's building, by the railway and the church, and behind the opium den, behind the Old Imperial Theatre, in Babbage Square.

We are planning an official opening on Saturday the 25th of October. Until then, Miss Gordon Soleil is on trial to work at the bakery.
Street urchins are welcome and can sleep in the attic and get free bread and croissants.

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