Friday, September 19, 2008

Eccentrics around Le Cirque de la Fée Verte

With Bob's circus coming to Babbage Palisade, all a myriad of intriguing characters are wandering around.

I was visiting the Museum in Babbage Square with Deimos, when we were called by a voice sounding like the one of Bob. Well, he is usually a rather short green-haired individual, but he was telling us he couldn't dare entering the Museum cause he would be scared to break stuff... So we went outside and forgot to breath for a minute as we were discovering a HUGE robot thingy.

Then, Bob's voice came again out of the robot to explain it was his force enhancer exoskeleton he used to set up the Circus, but that he was stuck inside.

A little after, a strange man with red hair appeared, running towards us, and Bob welcomed him with a "Muggins! Where were you!". Muggins' brother soon joined him and we started discussing about the kind of meat that could be found in the gruel Bob was kindly offering to the Muggins brothers in exchange of their hard work at the Circus.

They finally both left after Bob told them there was an apple stuck at the very bottom of the Circus installation and they ran to go lift and pull and push around the materials to set it all up and find the apple...

Just a little after, Deimos and I were joined by Ravan and we all ran into Maxie.

Not the same kind as the Muggins brothers in a way... But kinda the same in another way. Maxie was as tall and thin as they were short and large. I'm not quite sure cause I wasn't in the discussion for a moment but I think he is also part of the Circus.

After Maxie had to leave in a hurry, Deimos and I walked towards the Circus location in Babbage Palisade, and we soon met a new character, in the person of Sir Ichabod String.

So we greeted him and talked a little and he informed us he too was an urchin in his youth, but then he worked in a circus as a human blockhead, hammering nails into his head... So we naturally showed him the way to Bob's Cirque de la Fée Verte and gave him the means to contact Bob.

We later learnt that Bob not only hired him but also made him Maestro of the Circus, responsible of the music! Ichabod looks now much more elegant than on the picture and even has got his own caravan for his wife and him, just behind the Circus.

Who knows what will come next? I heard the Dr Watson and Mr Holmes talking about a kid growing up in a bottle... And a lady in a glass... Plus Sir Dagger has got a spiffing costume for his human canonball play!

I can't wait to see it all :)

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