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Rickety Weasels roleplay at Fantasy Faire - Summary of the events

 In Wiggenstead Mooring, in a shipwreck hidden by the jungle, live a group of feral kids who call themselves “The Rickety Weasels”. They ferociously protect the four Guardians of the Elemental Stones, which keep the balance of the Fairelands.

Rickety Weasels
(picture by ひゅうが (Pokute Burt))
 Little do they know that, no far from there, the Shadows are growing stronger and greedier, and that their leader, The Dark Shadow, covets the Guardians of the Elemental Stones. For the Stones could give him Power, and into Darkness plunge the Fairelands forever.

Who are they?

Rickety Weasels
The Rickety Weasels are more commonly known as the wild children. They come from near and far, but none agree on how they got here or why. One day, they were simply there. No one knows where they came from, and the Rickety Weasels aren’t offering to tell.

Rickety Weasels
They are playful, and always looking for someone to have fun with. They are mischievous and enjoy playing pranks on the visitors who come to their land, but never mean to offend.
They know that their world is held together by the Elemental Stones. These stones are Earth, Fire, Air, and Water and are watched over by four Guardians. The Weasels see it as their duty to also protect the Guardians themselves in their task.
They are mainly land dwellers and linked to the Fire Stone, but also count in their ranks a few merkids, who are linked to the Water Stone.

 The MerKids

Guardians of the Elemental Stones

Strifeclaw, the Guardian of the Earth Stone, is a Dire Panther almost as large as a horse. She spends most of her time in nature surrounded by the animals that answer to her element and removed from the prank-loving, fire-wielding wild children.
All the animals that can’t swim or fly are linked to the Earth Stone.

Strifeclaw – Guardian of the Earth Stone

Miranda, the Guardian of the Water Stone, is a playful, but distrustful young Mermaid. She usually keeps to her waters and avoids large groups of strangers, but enjoys the chaotic nature of the wild children.
Mer-people and all the animals that can swim are linked to the Water Stone.

 Miranda – Guardian of the Water Stone
Firefly, the Guardian of the Fire Stone, was burned horribly as a wild boy and survived. He was chosen by the Fire Stone to act as its Guardian and was reborn like a Phoenix. He continues to live with the other wild children, playing their games and enjoying his second chance.
The Rickety Weasels, goblins and trolls are linked to the Fire Stone.

Firefly – Guardian of the Fire Stone

Avariel, Guardian of the Air Stone, is a Unicorn who is often very befuddled. She comes and goes with the wind, and even she does not know where it will take her. She is the newest guardian and is not entirely sure why she was chosen. She is just happy to see what adventures this new wind has to offer.
Fairies and all the animals that can fly are linked to the Air Stone.

Avariel – Guardian of the Air Stone
(picture by Avariel Falcon)

 The Dark Shadow
The Dark Shadow has delved in the dark arts for decades in the hopes of conquest. He knows if he can get his hands on the Elemental Stones he can use them to take over the world with his dark powers with minimal effort.

The Dark Shadow


(picture by Jimmy Branagh)
The Shadows serve The Dark Shadow as his private army. They serve him because they have been promised fortune and glory in his New Empire. Because of these promises they come from near and far to see his plans through.
Another Shadow


Beltaine is one of the most important ceremonies for the Guardians and the wild children. On that night, all four Guardians must come to a ceremony prepared by the children to perform a hallowed ritual celebrating the Spirit of Summer and renewing of Nature.

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Thursday May 1st 2014

The Dark Shadow's pirate radio call

 Friday May 2nd 2014

Beltaine invitation

 Saturday May 3rd 2014 

Beltaine ceremony gone wrong

Sunday May 4th 2014

News report from Wiggenstead Mooring

Monday May 5th 2014

Avariel got captured! Rescue mission planned

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