Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deeper and Darker : Shadow of the Thirteen

Here we go again.
It seems like New Babbage isn't happy when nothing grim and atrocious happens...

Another crashed barrel has been spotted in Port Babbage apparently, and Mat told me that the Captain Dagger had been fighting evil boxes... or something like that.

BUT that is not the atrocious thing I was talking about.

No, I was talking about that stinky body Loki found in a wall of the Old Imperial Theatre while he was renovating it.

A disfigured dead stinky body sticking out of the wall... With a scrap of paper on the ground, drawing a map and circled houses...

And to add more suspicion, Mr Jesper Renfold, from the Van Creed society, has again been seen in the area and seemed to know the person in the wall. He called him Arthur...

We wandered around, we looked at the map, we found things... Intriguing objects, troubling letters... We met strange people.

And instead of getting a straight answer, the clues got us deeper and deeper into an inextricable muddle.

We're stuck.

But as I rethink about all that, I am starting to be vaguely aware that this one is not only a simple murder affair but something much bigger and older. Much older than I am and even older than lots or all of the buildings in New Babbage... And it involves dark and mysterious powers...

And then Loki said : "well... i dunno, maybe Jason is back?"

I dearly hope not!

I will just stay quiet on what we have found so far. If Jason Moriarty is involved, if the Van Creed are involved, then killing someone won't bother them.

Anyway, what is that box?

Find it out by yourself if you dare :

But you have been warned!!!

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Breezy Carver said...

chills Myrtil ((wonderful !!!))
this one's for you