Thursday, December 31, 2009

Martians in New Babbage? Again??

Arriving at the Town Hall to take a look at the crashed barrel falling from the sky three nights ago, I crossed the path of Mr Jesper Renfold, leaving the place.



Myrtil Igaly: why is he leaving?

Triky Jinx: aliens myrtil

Matthew Querrien: He's gotta tell someone something.

Myrtil Igaly: that's not green, alien stuff is always green

Matthew Querrien glances at Underby with visible uncertainty.

Triky Jinx: there gonna eat us a nose it

Myrtil Igaly: oh yes it does look like it fell from the sky

Triky Jinx: i bet they'll look like mr bumbleby

Myrtil Igaly: maybe he's one

YoYo Underby: What was that?

Myrtil Igaly: Your aliens friends missed their landing Mr Underby

Triky Jinx: nuthink

Triky Jinx: SHSSHSH myrtil!

Myrtil Igaly: woops..

YoYo Underby: I know both your names.

YoYo Underby: Mr Tenk has pointed you out.

Myrtil Igaly: you can't I never saw you!

YoYo Underby: But I saw you, Myrtil.

YoYo Underby: And you, little Jinx

An old lady with a huge bag full of stuff on her back (including a big telescope, and a chair, don't remember the rest) arrives, climbing down the stairs of the Town Hall.

Margo December: oh a

Myrtil Igaly: Hello Madam

Margo December: nice keep my hands warm yes

Margo December: like a stove

Margo December: i small boy with a big chin offered me a stove today

Triky Jinx: ?

Myrtil Igaly: it might be dangerous you know Ma'am

Myrtil Igaly: You've got quite a big package to carry

Margo December: my hand s warm yes they are warm, safe and warm, no moon out today

Matthew Querrien: Everyone has luggage.

Myrtil Igaly: no moon out..?

Triky Jinx: shes barmy

YoYo Underby: You will both wish you had not been so impudent with me.

Myrtil Igaly: moon is out at night Ma'm

Myrtil Igaly: I've not been impudent!

Matthew Querrien picks up a small handful of snow.

Triky Jinx: that sounds serious, what does it mean?

YoYo Underby: You will find out soon enough.

Margo December: this is the tear dropped from the sky

Myrtil Igaly: That barrel?

Triky Jinx gulps

Matthew Querrien: A tear? I though tears were water.

YoYo Underby: A tin tear drop.

YoYo Underby: I leave you all to the mad woman.

Mr Underby changes into something, not sure exactly what cause he got stuck in lag on my screen (something tiny and furry I think), and disappears.


Myrtil Igaly wonders which one is madder

Triky Jinx: ha look hes gone tiny

Matthew Querrien: Good. The company will become bareable again.

Margo December: you all be looking out for the moon will find you

Matthew Querrien: So, Miss, do you know what this is?

Margo December: its warm

Matthew Querrien: It's warm, like a stove, and it's not the moon.

Margo December: keeps my hands warm child

Triky Jinx: uoh

Margo December: keep it in my things maybe useful someday when i get it all back

Triky Jinx: shes a bit to old i think

Myrtil Igaly: you want to take that barrel?

Matthew Querrien: Have you lost your things, miss?

Margo December looks over her shoulder

Margo December: no dear, what i lost i keep with me you see

Matthew Querrien: Oh, i see.

Triky Jinx: have you got some marbles?

Matthew Querrien: So this isn't something you've lost, then?

Myrtil Igaly: Ma'm, why are you talking about the moon, is that dangerous?

Margo December: keeps my hands warm, yes warm and safe

Matthew Querrien: Do you recognise this, then, Miss?

Margo December: when the moon is up, i have to hide

Triky Jinx: hide?

Myrtil Igaly: At night you mean?

Triky Jinx: from the moon?

Margo December: when its up in the sky it looks for me so i must hide

Myrtil Igaly: are you a werewolf?

The old lady climbs up the stairs of the Town Hall and disappears inside.

Myrtil Igaly: Strange old lady

Matthew Querrien: O... kay.

Triky Jinx: what kinda question is that

Myrtil Igaly: cause, werewolves transform during full moons

Triky Jinx: oh i see

Myrtil Igaly: but she doesn't look like one

Triky Jinx: never heard of an oldlady werewolf before

Myrtil Igaly: yeah but

Matthew Querrien: Women like that are proof that girls are weird...

Myrtil Igaly walks to Matthew and slaps his backhead

Matthew Querrien: Oi

Triky Jinx: he he he

Myrtil Igaly: so what is that anyway? A stove?

Matthew Querrien: You're a girl, you tell me.

Triky Jinx: a container

Triky Jinx: you click it and you get a message about it

Mysterious Container: Upon closer inspection this object seems warm, and slightly burnt. Could it be that it has fallen from the sky? Perhaps from some passing airship?The broken bits of wood and brass suggest that the top has been broken, but looking inside only reveals the container to be empty.

Myrtil Igaly leans over and smells the inside

Myrtil Igaly: what was inside you think?

Matthew Querrien: I might travel outside the city, see if it look like something from another city.

Triky Jinx: Martians

Myrtil Igaly: that's a long trip Mat

Myrtil Igaly: we'd see skeletons if there were martians inside

Triky Jinx: we might need to start alien hunting or something, protect ourselves

Myrtil Igaly: oh you think they survived

Myrtil Igaly: but they would be very tiny

Matthew Querrien: Well, the top DOES look forced.

Triky Jinx: i could fit in there and you know what i can do

Triky throws a Molotov cocktail to demonstrate what he's able to do.


Matthew Querrien: Damn it, will you stop burning things?

Myrtil Igaly: but that would be only ONE Martian then

Myrtil Igaly: Yes I know what you can do!!

Myrtil Igaly: The bag lady might like you, she's always talking about getting warm

Triky Jinx: he

Triky runs away.

Myrtil Igaly: You know that man

Myrtil Igaly: Jesper Renfold

Matthew Querrien: Nope

Myrtil Igaly: I know him

Matthew Querrien: Never seen him before.

Myrtil Igaly: what did he say?

Matthew Querrien: Nothing of interest.

Myrtil Igaly: did he tell who he was gonna see?

Matthew Querrien: [12:44] Jesper Renfold: right i must get back and inform the Van Creed

Myrtil Igaly: oh gosh

Myrtil Igaly: He was already there last year

Myrtil Igaly: The Van Creed are greedy people who just wanted to make money on the Professor Eliot's invention

Matthew Querrien: I'm kinda new, I don't know what this Van Creed is.

Matthew Querrien: Oh, I see!

Matthew Querrien: I heard of that.

Myrtil Igaly: Then they wanted to use Jason Moriarty

Matthew Querrien: We should make sure that thinger is still in place in the theatre.

Myrtil Igaly: I don't think they can use it

Myrtil Igaly: it's broken

Matthew Querrien: Yeah, but it's one of three parts...

Myrtil Igaly: already last year Jason Moriarty tried to use another kind of power source

Myrtil Igaly: the Cloud Angel

Myrtil Igaly: no no, it's all three parts reunited

Matthew Querrien: This may be related.

Matthew Querrien: Oh, it is?

Myrtil Igaly: yep

Myrtil Igaly: but Jason fell from a sky plateform very high in the sky

Matthew Querrien: Hmm

Myrtil Igaly: into the Vernian Sea

Myrtil Igaly: although his body was never found

Myrtil Igaly: I dunno, but I don't like to see That Jesper Renfold around

Myrtil Igaly: he's bad

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