Saturday, October 17, 2009

A threat on the New Babbage urchins

Wednesday night, Loki gathered the urchins of New Babbage in the hideout to see a bit who was new, how much of the Babbage history was known, to make sure every urchin would be aware of the dangers that could roam about in the streets, and also to plan a little Halloween.

We were all discussing and it was good to meet new kids and remember the past events, and we came up with all kinds of fun ideas for Halloween, but I think it got Triky a bit excited as he kept wanting to "blow stuff up" and Janet quite agreed with him in a pyromaniac way and at one point Triky disappeared without us noticing and a bit later we heard back from him. He seemed a bit worried because there was a fire at the old location of Loki's store, just behind the Imperial, and so we all ran towards there.

That was a big fire, and it soon caught up on the upper floor. We tried to call the Babbage ladies fire brigade but apparently they weren't there and a few citizens arrived, alerted by our shouts, but that was thanks to an urchin, Lil Max, that the fire could finally be watered out.

The problem is... That this story somehow made its way to the pointy ears of our dear Mayor and that he decided the fire was our fault and we were all unruly kids and something had to be done about that. Here is the official note he sent, I let you judge by yourself... :

It has come to my attention that the urchins of our fair city have shown less than adequate levels of respect, moral fiber and a severe lack of education, particularly in mathematics.
In light of the recent burnings, it is my mayoral duty to prevent further disobediant acts towards residents and property of the State. All urchins will take part in an exam to be proctored at the Babbage School for Urchins to assess their basic Ethics and Morals and prevent further unruly acts against respectable citizens, their property, and the State.
Failure to comply will result in being thrown from the city wall.

-M. TenkClockwinder.

An exam!!!!!!
It's just not fair and I'm not doing it!

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Breezy Carver said...

Oh My !! Dear Myrtil you may all come to the school ((and ride on the merry go round and tower)) the mayor never comes to wheatstone shhhh tell Loki and all the others .. .. all are always welcome at the schoolhouse :)
hugss stay safe dear child .. always the wise one and biggest heart YOU be for a little girl
always Breezy
*hugs you tight*