Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Order of Dagon

Ok so.. Those guys can build really FAST.

The building appeared during the night. But as Jimmy noticed, it looks like it is about to fall apart at anytime.

It looks old and used and there is a big glowing eye-looking symbol above the door that has something familiar about it..
The Doctor Watson thinks that maybe the whole building has been imported piece after piece from another location.
And it looks strange and weird and the blood stained little crates from Miskatonic are still there...

Plus the door is locked, but there is a slate on a pillar next to the entrance, reading "The Order of Dagon. Meetings nightly..." Ummmmm...

Who or what is this Dagon and why are the meetings hold at night?? And what happened to the big purple glowing crate? What was inside? Mr Footman seemed to know a bit about the winged octopus headed statue that was standing there at the beginning. Maybe he's got some answers?

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