Friday, May 15, 2009


Since the first stone of the Dagon Hall was lain there, the Captain Dagger has been having weird nightmares. And these nightmares have inspired some even weirder drawings... Tentacled monsters and company...

Yesterday, I was wandering in Jefferson way and suddenly noticed a body in front of the stairs leading to the Dagon Hall. I rushed there and was horrified to discover that Mr Skusting Dagger was laying unconscious, his poor little kitten Dickens meowing miserably and licking his face to try and wake him up... But without a result.
I called Mr Dagger and was starting to wonder if he was still alive when Jimmy appeared too behind the gate, soon followed by Miss Breezy.

Miss Breezy noticed right away the drawing on the ground near Mr Dagger and she didn't sound happy about it. She said he should stop working on those drawings. And she might very well be right...

Soon, the Captain Dagger began to move, but his eyes were still close and he muttered in his sleep, and then started fighting invisible attackers.
I ran inside the Hall to go get some fresh water from the pool under the statue and try to wake Mr Dagger up, but before I could reach the pool, I heard him screaming "NO!! Don't touch the water!" or something like that, so I froze. He was still sleeping though!

After a few minutes, Dickens licking repeatedly his daddy's face and us asking him to wake up, he finally started to stretch and open the eyes. He sat-crouched and looked around, asking what he was doing there.

He said he was drawing in his atelier and after that he had a total blackout, and he woke up between us, in front of the Dagon Hall...

It seems like Mr Dagger's artist mind is very sensitive to the squalid waves emanating from the Hall, which give him awful nightmares that he has to draw on paper unless he wants to become crazy.

Jimmy saw one of the members of Order of the Dagon Hall recently, watching silently at him, standing in front of the big statue. And it gave him the creeps.
The building seems now to be open and working. The members of the Order are starting to appear.
Let's just hope that Mr Dagger's nightmares never come true... There are already too many bad memories of huge tentacled monsters crawling above the Babbage skies...

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Breezy Carver said...

Oh Dear Myrtil what a charming account of such an ordeal ..Last I heard skusting was talking about adding flower pots to the drawing .. sigh that was yesterday I have not heard from him since .. I do hope the man is not loosing his mind .. thank you so much for your help dear .. hugss
You and Jimmy are quite special and dear to us all !! xoxox