Thursday, April 2, 2009

The New Babbage Institute for the Chronically Confused

After the awful events that resulted in the demolition of my bakery, I had to sell my piece of land as I couldn't afford anymore to rebuild a new bakery or anything else.

A few days after the bombing and demolition, I spotted a strange man who was wandering amongst the pieces of wreckage. I walked towards him and bidded him the good day like the polite little urchin I am.
He turned to me and asked if the land was for sale because his brother and himself would be interested in buying it. So we agreed on a price (4444 $L because he thought it was a good number, he liked the "4"...) and on the following Saturday, the land was theirs and I was back to urchinry.

I went, out of curiosity, to visit my old place, a few weeks later, and found a big dark building with tall towers and smoking chimneys.

(photo credit : Jimmy Branagh)

Above the door, a metal plate was reading : "The New Babbage Institute for the Chronically Confused".

The two proprietors, are the man I met, the Doctor Zachariah Effingham (on the right on the photo below), and his older brother, the Professor Nathanael Effingham (on the left). The Professor is said to be a Professor of Neo-Psychology whereas the Doctor owns diplomas in Psychiatry and General Surgery and is a practising Mesmerist.

Apparently, they thought New Babbage was a niche for such an establishment. I don't know where they have heard that...

Anyway, would you be nuts or not, the doors of the building are open for anyone to enter and visit.
Yeah, I said to ENTER ;)

P.S.: I've been told there is actually always a way to get out of a room. Without cheating I mean.

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Breezy Carver said...

ha ! LOVE YOU Myrtil !!!!
do be careful out there dear child !!
yours with love
always breezy