Monday, April 27, 2009

Miskatonic U.

Something happened during the night at my bakery's old location.

Remember my bakery got bombed and an odd Professor or Doctor or whatever bought the parcel to build a kind of asylum?

Well, the place must be cursed because the Institute for the Chronically Confused totally vanished during the night... And the Doctor Watson was as surprised as Jimmy and I about the sudden disappearance of the Professor and Doctor Effingham.

But that is not all.

Something got shipped and parked in place of where the old asylum was standing.
I'm not the only one to have noticed the degree of weirdness of that new stuff. Sparrow already had a look, and Skyler, Jimmy and Lil Max too.

We wondered about the curious little sculpture resting on the pole in the middle of the land. It looks like the statue of a kind of little beast with an octopus head and wings.. And Jimmy noticed the strange writing signs carved on the pole.

Also, there is a huge dark crate about three times my size standing there, and a few smaller ones reading "Miskatonic university" on the side, and all stained with fresh blood...

Jimmy said the Doctor Dayafter mentionned the Miskatonic university, like he's been studying there or something, but apparently he doesn't like to talk about it. And Mr Footman talked about some evil book that burned his eyes just after he tried to read a few lines from it even if it wasn't even translated in English.

That explains why he has got mechanical eyes now.
And he said the statue on the pole could represent one of the Old Gods, a monstruous giant.

Well it's hard to believe cause, when I look at the statue I find him so cute!

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