Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raising from the Dead

 Jimmy and I went back yesterday night to the place where the statue was half buried, to see how the work of Mister Blindside the archaeologist was progressing.

The statue had now been totally dug out and raised vertically as if it was standing.

Jimmy said that he thought the heartbeat we could hear was louder than the last time, and also even faster. I can't say if it was faster, but that is possible. Although it may be louder only because it was still half buried before and so the sound was harder to hear?

Rich joined us soon after and he too was creeped out by the statue. To me, it more and more looks like a coffin. Although the "hole" in place of the face intrigues me...
Maybe Jimmy is right and it is more like a medieval knight statue. It would explain the bump in the front, looking like he is holding a sword under his robe.

While exploring the rest of the site, I discovered a very little hole in a corner, beneath the broken floor.
Jimmy, Rich and I wriggled down the hole and soon found ourselves walking in a dark, damp narrow way, from which we could smell very strongly the nearby sewers.

 We reached a deadend, but as Jimmy stated, that looks like a good new hiding place!


Breezy Carver said...

Oh My Dear Myrtil, I do think I am going to have to come for a visit very soon !! (( You guys are having way too much fun !!)) As you know I do tend to worry about child !!
Please do put on a Jacket and where are Jimmy's smelly socks and shoes .. taps foot !! Packs up cookies for the children gets read to travel ..

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Please take care in there - Jimmy's smelly feet may upset the sewer rats!

Myrtil Igaly said...

Oh Miss Breezy, it is not that cold yet!!
But cookies are always welcome :op

As for Jimmy's feet, we couldn't really tell between their smell and the sewers... And we're not eating rats anymore since we got all the nice ladies to give us cookies, so it's fine if they're upset!