Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peter Pan and Science Museum

Yesterday, some of us SL kids decided to meet up in Hyde Park in London, next to the Peter Pan statue. All a symbol of eternal youth!

There was a squirrel too!!! I even think it was a red one, Yay!

Tepic and Winne arrived first, then me, then Murdock, Kitto, and finally Felixe.

By the time everyone was there it was lunch time and so we settled on the lawn next to the statue to pic-nic.

The weather was really nice and sunny and I got a little sunburn on the nose :op

I then received a text from Gemini saying his train was finally taking off and we decided to meet him directly at the Science Museum.

So we got up and walked across the park towards South Kensington.

The Science Museum is like Heaven if you are into Steampunk (and it's free!). I took like a million pictures so will just show you a few to make you drool over it :op
Babbage's difference engine n°1

After the Museum, we headed to a pub to get a drink and then parted, everyone saying they enjoyed the day!

So it was a great moment and next time Winne wanna go to a zoo or safari park. We'll see hehe

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