Thursday, February 26, 2009

One more victim of the Mad Bomber

So after Mr Jack's Steamworks and Miss Viv's WaterHouse, this is now Mr Pearse's store's turn to be bombed...

Inside the store, a rocket, tangled in the chandelier fallen on the floor seems to be the cause of all the mess around. A thick red smoke still comes from the rocket.

Another smoke, but black this time comes from a big fire in another corner of the store, and by looking closely at the base of the fire, I could distinguish the shape of a cannonball... So.. same author as for the Steamworks and the Waterhouse? Or someone different since there is also a rocket?

In any case, I'm starting to think that this area of New Babbage isn't quite safe.... Should I reinforce the roof of my bakery with steel? :/

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