Friday, November 7, 2008


Lots is going on lately in New Babbage. Lots of good things, but also lots of bad...

The events of the Autumn have been really fun, like the Burning Barrel race or the Bonfire and fireworks where lots of old and new citizen turned up.

Without forgetting the Masquerade ball the Daggers gave, the upcoming Autumn Mystery ball, and hopefully soon the opening of the Circus.

Sadly, aside of that, twisted things happen in the dark, and I'm afraid madness has taken over some of us... Besides the usual Moriarty and Angry Jenkins of course.

To start with, a couple of new urchins are wandering around, living next to the bakery, above the opium den. They're named Patch and Monte. But Monte is also a black wolf. Or werewolf maybe... I know that already happened, there's the famous case of Jason Moriarty, who was an urchin before turning into a werewolf because of the Professor Eliot's experiments, but I'm not sure Monte does control his state very well. The last time I saw him, at the fireworks, he seemed sick and left early. And then Miss Janus and I found him back, but he was a big wolf and he tried to eat my squirrel and then me. He hurt Miss Janus' right arm and chased Patch around. They both disappeared, I don't know where.

Second, my cousin Arthur isn't as nice as I thought he would be. He wants me to go to school, he wants me to come back early to the bakery, to work there, not to wander outside and see my friends, and if I don't do all that, he beats me up... But more than all that, there is a strange light in his eyes sometimes which makes me wonder if he is really totally sane...

Last but not least, the grown ups have built a school and they want us to go attend it!!! But we're on the case.

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