Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Christmas Carol

I finally finished to edit the play adapted from the novel "A Christmas Carol" written by Charles Dickens and played in the Second Life™ Steampunk/Victorian sim Rivet Town on Saturday 20th December 2008.

The play was adapted by Nepenthe Sieyes (I think. Feel free to correct me if that's wrong). And several people roleplaying in Rivet Town were part of it as actors, including Jimmy (as Tiny Tim, the urchin and a school buddy of young Scrooge).

Sadly my filming is not very good as I was lagging badly and I didn't remove the name tags, chat lines and the SL™ viewer interface (I couldn't have read the "actors" lines otherwise :/ ). So, apologies here.

I edited the play a lot. The original piece lasted something like 30 minutes. And I added music, mostly from the 1951 "Scrooge" movie.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What will the next target be?

A few days after the Kahruvel Steamworks had been found partly destroyed by a huge cannonball, their owner, Mr Salazar Jack reappeared and reassured us that he was well and safe. He was on travels when the disaster happened and was shocked to find his Steamworks in that state. Luckily, the machines themselves weren't touched and the Steamworks can continue to function.

That is sadly not the case of the Municipal Water Tower, which was found this time totally destroyed.

While exploring the rests of the building, Mr Brandenburg, Miss Softpaw and I found another cannonball the size of the one that got rid of a quarter of the Kahruvel Steamworks.

Getting worried as to who would want to bomb New Babbage's most useful buildings, we hurried to the Gas Station, to check if it was still there.

Luckily, the Gas Station was intact, but.. for how long?

Miss Softpaw and Mr Brandenburg suggested some guarding of the Gas Station to avoid another disaster, this one being quite more worrying as the gas could provoke a huge explosion damaging a big part of the city...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where is Mr Jack?

One or two days ago, Miss Chernov brought to our attention the fact that the Kahruvel Steamworks had been partly demolished. And then Mr Rip added that a cannonball had been found there, and that Mr Salazar Jack, the owner of the Kahruvel had disappeared... Kidnapped?

The Kahruvel Steamworks are just down the street from my bakery! Mr Jack is a neighbour! And I didn't see nothing... :(

So I decided to go see by myself.

The Main entrance of the Kahruvel was just as usual, but after walking on the right side of the building, I saw a huge piece of wall totally torn apart and a big hole in the whole quarter of the Steamworks.

Carefully stepping inside from the main entrance, I found another hole in the floor with a big crater on the ground under the floor and in the center of the crater, still smoking, the big cannonball Mr Rip was talking of. Apparently, someone shot it at the Kahruvel Steamworks, intentionally or by accident... Who knows? And it forced its way down by destroying the whole quarter of the buildings, from the roof to the ground.

On the top floor, Mr Jack's belongings were all spread everywhere and broken, witnessing the violence of the shock.

The big questions are now : Who did that? Why? Where is Mr Salazar Jack?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, Old Loves (or, back to Dune)

After a storm of roleplay action during November and December 2008, the end of the year felt too calm and quiet for me. And as I often do in those tiny bits of times when I feel boredom, I decided to start something new.

Well, not so new actually, since DUNE was the first roleplay I did when joining Second Life back then in January 2007. I played the daughter of the Atreides Duke, I played a Harkonnen Suk Doctor, and I played a Fremen child.

The sim was sold and re-bought by a player, who transformed it into Splintered Rock. Still a Dune-themed sim but not the Arakeen city.
I then moved to another Dune sim and played the young sister to the Atreides Duke in a different timeline and story. This sim collapsed too after a lot of drama I am not the best to talk about.
So I turned to New Babbage, to building things, to just have fun, explore and go on adventures with my friends.

Now, about one year later, I miss Dune.

I went and explored the two remaining Dune sims, Dune Imperium and Splintered Rock. I chose the second one because it was the first sim I played in, and because I love the very large desert they added, and the Sietch.

My first character will be a Fremen kid and here's her backstory :

Name : Myrit al-Zaki
Age : 13

* * *

Noor was young, maybe 16 years old, when she disappeared in a sand storm outside the Sietch of Desert Basin East.

When she walked back into the Sietch, ten months later, like a ghost, everybody stared at her in surprise. Everybody thought she was dead. She was dirty, pale, clearly very weakened, and above all, she refused to speak.

Four months later, she gave birth to a girl, but she refused to see her, give her a name or tell who the father was. The girl was named Myrit and cared of by Noor's parents.

Myrit grew up, raised by her grand-parents, and at 3 years old, she was a merry, bold and cheeky child. She vaguely knew that Noor was her mother, but she wasn't that touched by the fact she refused to see or talk to her, because she was raised by the whole tribe, together with the other little Fremen of her age.

Noor never really opened up after coming back to the Sietch, but a young Fremen named Zaki managed little to little to gain her confidence, and finally something that was as close as love as Noor was able of. Zaki was sweet and nice with Noor, and he had never given up the hope to see her coming back alive after the storm that took her. They got married along the rituals of the tribe, and Myrit took the name of her new father, to become Myrit al-Zaki.

Two years later, Noor gave birth to a second child, a boy whom she named Tarub, meaning "Merry".

Sadly, when Tarub was two years old, Zaki died in a worm attack while he was harvesting spice, working for the Atreides.

At these news, Noor fell definitely into madness and left the Sietch the same night, without a stillsuit, without water, with nothing. Nobody ever saw her again.

Myrit was 7 years old and her brother was only 2. She decided she would take care of him instead of his mother who had abandoned them both and she swore she would never do that.

* * *

Myrit is now 13 years old and she is growing more and more curious about the identity of her "father". Not the one who gave her her name, but the one who gave her half of her genes. She is cautious and doesn't like to draw her crysknife, but she takes every occasion to wander around the Rock and spy on the offworlders. She has the vague hope –or would that be fear- that maybe she will recognize her father amongst them.

Splintered Rock website :

Splintered Rock forum :

Happy New Year !

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2009 with lots of happiness, luck, magic, dreams, wishes granted, resolutions kept ;)